We are a professional and trusted firm of tax specialists.

Thannees Tax Consulting Services is one of Malaysia’s leading tax specialists offering tax advisory, tax compliance service, transfer pricing advisory  and indirect tax advisory. 

Thannees Tax Consulting Services was founded by Mr SM Thanneermalai in 2018, with a mission to help businesses manage their tax affairs and resolve any tax related matters with the authorities.

Our fundamental approach to all disputes with the authorities is non-confrontational. We strive for amicable settlements with the authorities which result in providing our clients peace of mind, certainty and savings.

We serve clients across different industries from financial services, telecommunications services, construction sector, property development sector, oil & gas sector, manufacturing to education.

WE Put clients first and make it happen

As your trusted tax advisor, we are always thinking on behalf of our clients. We listen to our clients, pay attention to their needs and pain points, and provide personalised solutions. We strive to ensure that our clients’ tax issues are resolved.

WE Stay Current and Deliver

As governments sought to seek new sources of tax revenue, the pace at which new tax laws and regulations is also evolving rapidly. It is essential for businesses to seek advice on these matters from tax professionals who are always up-to-date with the current tax laws and legislations. Our team constantly keeps abreast with the latest laws and legislations to help businesses manage and resolve critical tax issues.