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Expensive to ignore Sales and Service Tax exemption conditions

SALES and Service Tax (SST) is administered by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD). Sales tax is applied on goods manufactured by registered manufacturers and on importation of taxable goods. Service tax is charged on taxable services specified in the...

Is the Purchase of Software Tax Deductible?

NO business can function in today’s corporate environment without using software. Businesses have to buy or license software. The tax laws regarding the treatment of the payment for the use or the purchase of software have been changing since the late 1990s. In this...

Sales tax mistakes made by Malaysian manufacturers

SALES tax is imposed on all taxable goods manufactured in Malaysia by registered manufacturers and sold, used or disposed of by them. Sales tax is also imposed on taxable goods imported into Malaysia by any person. The spirit of sales tax is to allow manufacturers to...
Issues around withholding tax

Issues around withholding tax

GENERALLY, when withholding taxes come to your mind, it will only be on payments made to non-residents. Normally withholding taxes are paid over to...

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