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Time to stop the capital gains tax scaremongering

THROUGHOUT the past two decades, Malaysia has been running a budget deficit. This year’s deficit will be 5% of gross domestic product, amounting to RM97 billion. Malaysia cannot keep on increasing its borrowings which will soon reach RM1.2 trillion. In order to...

Time to introduce capital gains tax

  THE Malaysian capital gains tax regime is confined to gains made from the sale/transfer of real estate. It does not tax any other capital gains such as a sale, exchange, relinquishment, or extinguishment of rights in an asset. If capital gains tax is extended...

Taxation of cryptocurrencies

CRYPTOCURRENCY is a form of digital money similar to cash such as ringgit and US dollar, which is not controlled by any central bank or anyone. Examples would be bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. The pricing of the cryptocurrency is similar to any currency which is...