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Expensive to ignore Sales and Service Tax exemption conditions

SALES and Service Tax (SST) is administered by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD). Sales tax is applied on goods manufactured by registered manufacturers and on importation of taxable goods. Service tax is charged on taxable services specified in the...

Tax Matters – Watch it! Transfer prices now fully transparent

ALL business enterprises except for sole proprietorships which undertake intercompany transactions have now a greater burden to disclose more details of their transfer pricing to the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) in the 2022 tax returns. The 2022 tax return requires the...

How do you resolve disputes with the IRB?

MALAYSIA practises a self-assessment system for income tax purposes – which effectively means that the taxpayer is responsible for filing tax returns which should comply with the tax laws and regulations. Generally, a taxpayer who understands the law and regulations...
Issues around withholding tax

Issues around withholding tax

GENERALLY, when withholding taxes come to your mind, it will only be on payments made to non-residents. Normally withholding taxes are paid over to...

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