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Indirect Tax

What is Indirect Tax in Malaysia?

Indirect tax is a form of tax that is levied upon goods and services before they reach the consumer who ultimately pays the indirect tax as part of market price of the good or service purchased. Malaysia has been increasingly embracing indirect tax as a source of revenue in recent years. The complexity, frequency of changes and scrutiny of indirect taxes are also increasing. It is therefore crucial for companies to manage their indirect taxes and prevent unnecessary penalties, underpayment of taxes or grey areas, especially during an audit carried out by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD). 

Indirect Tax – How can we help?

Our team of indirect tax specialists are constantly keeping abreast of the latest indirect tax legislations and Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) guidelines. We have vast experience in assisting companies, across different industries, to resolve indirect tax disputes and claiming significant Good and Services Tax (GST) and Sales Tax & Service Tax (SST) refunds from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD). 

Our services in Indirect Tax include: 

    • Resolving past GST issues, SST issues and other Indirect Tax disputes with the RMCD. 
    • Assist with obtaining GST refunds, tax and penalty remission from the RMCD. 
    • Assist during indirect tax audits and Round Table Discussions (RTD) with RMCD 
    • Assessment of organisation’s current indirect tax affairs to identify and mitigate indirect tax risks  
    • Registration of sales tax, service tax and excise duty  
    • Application for indirect tax exemption, tariff classification, services ruling, instalment payments and trade facilitation arrangements (Free Trade Agreements (FTA)) 
    • Assist companies with any voluntary disclosures (Special Voluntary Disclosure and Amnesty Program) 
    • Making representations to the Ministry of Finance for concessions and remission related to indirect tax matters. 
    • Assist companies with application, renewal and review of:  
      > License Manufacturing Warehouse;
      > Bonded Warehouse; 
      > Excise License; and
      > Other Customs facilities


Tushaaraam Semaadderi
Senior Manager
Thannees Tax Consulting Services