13 December 2021

Taxation matters are often a headache for many companies, and it is important for businesses to build good relationships with those providing them tax services. What differentiates Thannees Tax Consulting Services from other firms out there? Managing Director SM Thanneermalai shares with us how companies can leverage his years of experience in the tax industry to navigate the complexities of taxation.

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Podcast Transcription

Thanneermalai: Thannees Tax Consulting Services is a specialist tax firm that focus on providing the whole spectrum of tax services and that includes providing tax opinions, resolving tax dispute and dealing with tax investigation audit. Our fundamental approach is non-confrontational and it is to bring the tax payer and the authorities to a win-win situation, and our unique value proposition is my extensive years of experience in the taxation, supported by a very dynamic young team.

Melissa: So, can you tell us a bit more about your experience?

Thanneermalai: I have been practicing tax since 1980 and I’m a pioneer in transfer pricing in Malaysia. I founded the first practice in transfer pricing in 1996. I was a senior partner in PWC and Managing Director of Crowe Horwath and also the former President of the Chartered Taxation Institution of Malaysia and Chairman of Board of Trustees of the Malaysian Tax Research Foundation.

Melissa: What differentiate Thannees Tax Consulting firm from other firms out there?

Thanneermalai: We provide workable solution, and we implement them from conceptualizing to executing their ideas. We provide personalize services. We cater to the specialised needs and we go above and beyond. We do not end our relationship once the project is over with the client. We’ll continue to stay connected as a trusted partner. We also often host 3 virtual seminars to share taxation knowledge to the public as part of our contribution to the tax fraternity.

Melissa: I have been speaking to SM Thanneermalai, Managing Director of Thannees Tax Consulting Services Sdn Bhd. I am Melissa Tiong, from BFM 89.9, the business station.

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