TTCS Virtual Sharing Session on Indirect Tax

04 March 2023




In this series, we would like you to get to know Shubashini Ponnampalam, a senior manager in our corporate tax advisory team.


1. What prompted you to join Thannees Tax Consulting Services?

The main pulling factor for me was that it was Mr Thannee’s firm. I have known him as one of the most knowledgeable tax advisors in Malaysia.  I was attracted to join a smaller firm as I felt there would be immense opportunity to grow, learn and further develop my skills. After the interview with Mr Thannee and speaking to those working for him, I felt that Thannees Tax Consulting had a very personal and comforting vibe.


2. After close to 4 years with Thannees Tax Consulting Services, what continues to excite you about the company?

The growth here has been truly amazing. Since day one, I have been entrusted to take on a variety of jobs and I always end up learning something new on each job. Mr Thannee and the seniors are always ready to share their knowledge which has been instrumental in my career development. My peers have also been very approachable and supportive of my growth. I have now reached a level where I am more confident to contribute my time on other aspects of the company such as finding ways to build Thannees Tax Consulting Services’ social media presence.


3. What does a typical day in your Senior Manager role looks like?

I usually start the day off by checking my emails so that I can reply to clients in a timely manner and get everything organized before I kick off my day. Then I start on my work which involve dealing with authorities to follow up on cases as it is easiest to reach them in the mornings. Later in the day, I start focusing on my technical jobs which include reviewing work, providing guidance to the juniors or having work discussions with colleagues and clients. At the end of the day, I like to create a to-do list of what needs to be done in the coming days so that I don’t miss out any of my tasks.


4. Outside of Thannees Tax Consulting Services, what keeps you busy?

I usually use my time outside of work to catch up with family and friends over a meal, exploring new places for desserts or watching movies together. I am also very fond of dogs and I have 3 of them at home. I love to spend time with them, practicing some training tricks and taking them out for walks. Apart from this, I try to keep myself fit by going for hikes, playing badminton and swimming.


5. Please share any advice you have for those who would like to pursue a career in taxation at Thannees Tax Consulting Services.

Thannees Tax Consulting Services is definitely a great place to level up your tax career. Given the size of the firm, you get a much greater exposure and the learning curve is steeper. The work is diverse and I got the opportunity to not only work on corporate tax advisory and tax compliance work, but also work on a couple of transfer pricing engagements. The people in the firm are also very friendly and approachable which makes it a great place to work. If you have a keen interest and willingness to learn about tax as well as a passion for helping businesses manage their tax affairs, Thannees Tax Consulting Services is the place to be.


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