Areas of Expertise

Tax Advisory

Our tax professionals offer holistic tax services across all spectrums to help you manage your tax structure efficiently in this era of rapid change. We have the capability to provide specialist tax advice to businesses of all sizes across various sectors, identify tax opportunities and risks, deliver personalised tax solutions. 

Tax Advisory – How can we help?

Our services in the tax advisory include: 

Tax Planning

  • Provide solutions to improve current tax position. 
  • Advise on how to manage your tax risks and costs efficiently.  
  • Advise on proposed transfer of business, assets and liabilities. 
  • Advise on proposed new business structure. 
  • Provide ideas to embark on transactions in the most tax efficient manner.

Tax Opinion

  • Deliver comprehensive in-depth tax opinion to provide clarity and certainty on a particular transaction or arrangement.
  • Provide a view and guidance on how a particular provision or regulation should be interpreted.
  • Provide opinion on the tax implications (deductibility / taxability) on specific / unusual transactions / grey areas.

Tax Incentives

  • Submission of application of and obtaining approval for tax incentives from various authorities – Ministry of Finance Malaysia (MoF), Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA), Multimedia Development Corporation (MDEC), etc.  
  • Resolve pending issues and expedite approval of long outstanding applications with authorities.  
  • Advise on the way-forward after obtaining the approval to fulfill and implement the conditions of the tax incentives. 
  • Assist to obtain the tax incentive certificate from MIDA.

Capital Allowances

  • Conduct capital allowances maximisation exercise review and provide solutions on how to enhance the your claim for capital allowances. 
  • Review of claims for capital allowances (i.e. reinvestment allowance, industrial building allowance, etc) and ensure the claim is justified with the necessary supporting documents / project paper. 

Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT)

  • Review agreements and provide advice on RPGT implications including RPGT liability and submission deadline. 
  • Submission of RPGT forms including obtaining clearance from the tax authorities.

Withholding Tax

  • Review of contracts and agreements and provide advice on Withholding Tax implications.  
  • Provide solutions on withholding tax implications and advice on permanent establishment issues.  
  • Provide comments on the impact of the relevant tax treaty provisions.

Capital statements

  • To prepare Capital Statement / Net Worth Statement 
  • Identify and highlight the tax risks 
  • Represent client to neg

Trust establishment / Section 44(6) applications

  • Form a trust under the Trustees (Incorporation) Act 1952. 
  • Obtain approvals as an approved institutions / organisation. 
  • Engage the authorities to solve pending issues to expedite approvals for long outstanding applications.

Tax Refunds

  • Obtain income tax refunds for individual companies or group of companies from the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.  
  • Deal with tax refunds subject to tax audits – from getting clearance up to obtaining refunds.

Labuan Taxation Matters

  • Review business structure and advice on feasibility of Labuan establishment. 
  • Advise on how to manage your tax risk for existing Labuan entity or company.

Voluntary settlements

  • Approaching the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia on a voluntary basis to settle tax affairs before tax audit / investigation and assist to seek for an amicable closure.

Obtaining clearances, permissions and rulings

  • Obtain clarification / opinion on tax policy matters from Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia or Ministry of Finance. 
  • To obtain tax exemptions. 
  • To advocate companies position


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