Virtual Tax Conference 2022 on tackling practical problems faced by taxpayers

TTCS Webinar Conference: Tackling Practical Problems Faced by Taxpayers

} 15 August 2023, 9:00am to 1:00pm


  Free event

Key Objectives

  • Provide insights on how to deal with the new
    requirements under the new Income Tax (Transfer
    Pricing) Rules 2023 (“new TP Rules”).
  • Highlight and deal the problems and grey areas that
    require attention.
  • Connect our past experiences to the new TP Rules.
    Impact of the new TP Rules on TP Documentation.

Why attend?

This event will comprehensively dissect the new TP Rules from technical and transfer pricing documentation preparation point of view.

The speakers are experts in the field of transfer pricing and are experienced in dealing with complex transfer pricing issues. They will take participants through the details of each session presented along with the implications and practical
approaches to deal with the implications. Emphasise on the areas taxpayers need to think about before the prepare transfer pricing documentation or before setting transfer prices such they remain compliant with the 2023 TP Rules.

Representatives from the Malaysian Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia will also be present to provide their input and explain their expectations from taxpayers.