An active community volunteer and movie buff, Tareni Shan Mohan, Senior Manager in Corporate Tax Advisory
TTCS Virtual Sharing Session on Indirect Tax

09 January 2023



In this series, we would like you to get to know Tareni, a manager in our corporate tax advisory team.


1. What prompted you to join Thannees Tax Consulting Services?

I got to know about Thannees Tax Consulting Services through a friend who’d been working at the firm. She convinced me that it would be great place to hone my skills and further develop my knowledge in the taxation field.  I have always been interested in working with tax legislation and interpreting case law. After doing thorough research on the firm, I was impressed by the Managing Director’s experience and approach in resolving corporate tax matters. I later learnt that he was also the pioneer for establishing the transfer pricing practice in Malaysia. Given this, I felt Thannees Tax Consulting Services would be a place where I can see myself grow and make a difference in resolving tax matters faced by our clients.


2. After close to 3 years with Thannees Tax Consulting Services, what continues to excite you about the company?

I can take on a wide range of tax advisory jobs which keeps me on my toes. I am also given the opportunity to directly deal with authorities (i.e., Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri, Malaysian Investment Development Authority, Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn Bhd) and clients from day one. I love the lean and nurturing culture our Managing Director, Mr Thannee, has created. If I have any issues, I have a good support ecosystem – I can directly discuss issues at hand with my seniors and Mr Thannee. As such, I have been able to build my confidence in handling complex tax cases since I joined the firm.


3. What does a typical day in your Senior Manager role looks like?

I tend to spend most of my morning working on the technical matters, be it a tax advisory work, discussion on cases, reviewing the tax associate’s work and follow up with authorities to obtain updates on the cases I am working on. I find that I am more energised in the morning, which is why I like to do more brainstorming and writing work.

After lunch, I work on the more analytical aspects of my job. I look at the incentive applications, follow up with clients on pending information, attend meetings, connect with potential client, read up on any tax updates, and other administrative matters that I need to attend to. At the end of each week, I will review the cases that I have attended to and plan my following week accordingly.


4. Tell us about some of your proudest moments at Thannees Tax Consulting Services.

The proudest moment of my career is when I managed to resolve a complicated case with my team members which involved convincing the authorities not to issue an assessment. I realised that I could build a good relationship with the authorities through demonstration of my knowledge. I realised that the more knowledgeable you are in tax matters, the more you will be trusted and trust is essential to your reputation. I was also thrilled to be informed that the client was very pleased with the outcome of the case and appreciated the effort that went into the case. 


5. Outside of Thannees Tax Consulting Services, what keeps you busy?

I like to spend a fair amount of time with family, volunteer work for my community, catching up with friends, relaxing on the couch with a good book, watch movies in cinemas and cooking. I also love to swim, cycle, and trek the hills in the Klang Valley.


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